Trying to identify Congregation Ben Menashe LES #galicia

Alan Reische

I’ve been able to determine that my great grandfather was buried in a Washington Cemetery subplot for the members of Congregation Bnei Menashe (or Menasche) which in 1902 was located at 89 Ridge Street in the LES. He and his family lived close by this location in the late 19th Century. The same congregation or its successors were later relocated to 289 East 4th and 159 Attorney Street.  (This information comes from the WPA survey of churches and synagogues.)

The following names are affiliated with Ben Menashe in the WPA records: Nachlath/Nachlas Zvi/Zevie B'nai Israel Linath Hazedek B'nai/Bnei Menasheh/Menasche

 I’ve reviewed the municipal records for backup to the WPA survey without finding anything further about this congregation.  I’ve unsuccessfully attempted to trace its records through funeral homes that might have historical information. I’ve also searched the YIVO index, again with no results.

Is anyone familiar with it and in particular, with its affiliation with specific towns or regions in Galicia? Based on other records, it appears my great grandfather migrated from the general area of Rzeszow, but I don’t have confirmation of that.

(I’m mindful of the possibility that cemetery plots may from time to time have been purchased by non-members.)

As always, I’ll appreciate any further information members can provide.

Alan Reische
Manchester NH USA
REISCHE - Przeclaw and Rzeszow Galicia

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