Re: ZIMBLER - Lazarus (Eliezer) and Rose/Rosie (Raizel) - London 1911 #lithuania #latvia #unitedkingdom

Mark Stone

Dear Michael,


The ‘39 registry was during the Second World War because the 1931 Census burnt!


We are so very lucky that they made it available before one hundred years!


Kind regards


Mark Paul Stone


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Hello Simon,

Do searches on the following : 
The United Synagogue website for Marriage Authorisation Certificate at 
Rose/Rosie's maiden name is Segall
Do a search on the website of for the 1939 Register which was produced prior to WWII
and was used for providing Identity Cards, Ration Books and other official documents.

You should use the General Register Office also known as the GRO for obtaining Births, Marriage Death Certificates, you can do a search in the official indexes for Births and Deaths on this website.

Michael Hoffman,


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