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Fritz Neubauer

Austria-Czech SIG digest schrieb:

Dominique wrote:

Valerie's mother is Julie STEINER, b.1859 Weitersfeld, Lower Austria. Julie
was deported >from Vienna on 09.10.1942 to Theresienstadt, where she died 4
weeks later. Julie has several siblings, including Hugo, Katie and Irma.
Irma was apparently deported, but survived. Hugo was apparently not
deported. Another, unknown sibling and his /her family managed to escape
from Austria.
Dear Dominique,

the Memorial Book for the deportees to the Baltic states has two entries
for the names you mention - could it be possible that Hugo and Irma
STEINER tried to flee to Prague? Two people with these names where
deported to Theresienstadt and >from there taken to Riga and Raasiku/Reval.

Just in case there is connection here are the listings:

STEINER, Irma, born 02 Jun 1879, deported >from Theresienstadt to Riga on
20 Aug 1942, last address Prag,
I think there were survivors >from Riga.

STEINER , Hugo, born 14 Aug 1896, deported >from Theresienstadt to
Raasiku/Reval on 01 Sep 1942, last address Prag

with kind regards

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany

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