Re: Handwriting Analysis of name from Death Certificate #usa #records #general

Jx. Gx.


Sorry to complicate things, but I came up with Belura or Beluras just by looking at the letters.  I was trying to match the letters used in this name with letters used in other parts of the certificate. One thing I did in a similar situation with my great-grandmother's maiden name was to take all the possible spellings and do a Google search for those names.  I wanted to see if the names I came up with are actual surnames for people. I was able to eliminate one or two of my possible spellings because I never found anyone with those names.  If you do this, keep in mind that the person you are searching for was born in Austria so you would most likely be looking for people with a similar regional background.  This isn't a perfect system, but it can help to steer you toward the right choice. I was able to narrow my ggm's maiden name to two possibilities.

Jeffrey Gee

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