Do these siblings have the same mother? A Yiddish given name question #names

Phil Karlin

There are 4 people, immigrants from Minsk Gubernia, who lived in New York City and/or Canada who I can identify as siblings via Census records or immigration manifests or other documents. I've tracked down their parents' names on death or marriage records. All 4 list their father as Abraham or Abram. But the mothers are different. So what do you think, name variations or dad had a 2nd spouse:
Lewis, b. 1894, mother is Nussa
Jacob, b. 1891, mother is Mashe Karlin
Sarah, b. 1877, mother is Gossie Karlin
Morris, b. 1870, mother is Rose

So, are these 4 mothers the same person?

Phil Karlin
Hartford, CT USA

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