Re: Need help with a ViewMate translation of letter with a request for secrecy #yiddish #translation

Stephen Weinstein

On Wed, Apr 14, 2021 at 11:27 PM, N. Summers wrote:
I’ve uploaded a short letter written from a man in Israel to his nephew in Boston which includes strict instructions not to show it to the man’s brother. I’m eager to find out what the big secret is!
If it is a secret, then you should not be posting it on ViewMate.

If you are sure that it merely had to be kept secret from the brother, and you know that the brother is deceased, then it may be harmless.

But if there is a possibility either that it should be kept secret from the general public, even now, or that the brother might be alive and see it on ViewMate himself, then it should not be posted there.
Stephen Weinstein
Camarillo, California, USA

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