Rose/Rosie/Raizel Segall, Mile End 1909, Whitechapel 1911 #warsaw #yiddish #unitedkingdom #lithuania


I am looking for anyone with anything that might be linked with Rose/Raizel Segall, who married Lazarus Zimbler in 1909 in Mile End, and lived in Whitechapel with Lazarus (Eliezer) and their new daughter Rebecca in 1911. I'm trying to find any immediate family - siblings, parents etc. She was born in Kaunas (Kovna) Lithuania around 1887. Lazarus died young, and Rose was bombed out of Whitechapel in WWII, and moved to Highfields in Leicester to open a deli. According to my dad, she never learned English, only speaking Yiddish & Hebrew. Anyone who could shed some light on her origins would be a hero.

Simon Zimbler

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