Grandparents surnames KOHAN/LEVI #names #lithuania

Marilyn Weinman


I've just recently had some documents partially translated, and this document, which I believe was either an immigration paper, or possibly a marriage license, and was written in Lithuanian, had the names of KOHAN and LEVI on it, as given last names. I don't have any grandparents with the last names of Cohen or Levy in my family, but rather ARONOWITZ/ ARONOVSKY, JABLONSKI or other derivations of said name on my mom's side, and ENGELMAN/ ENGELMANN and DAVIDOVIC/ DAVIDOVICH on my dad's side. 

Is it possible that this was a marriage license, and the names just are telling me that my grandparents were the son and daughter of.....with no last name given ?
Can anyone explain to me how or what the names of KOHAN/ LEVI may mean to my families surnames, other than they were both from the class of Priests ??

Marilyn Weinman

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