Seeking Info on Yehoshua Wolfsthal #galicia

Yaron Wolfsthal

Dear Colleagues,

I am conducting research about my family >from Galicia. The family has
largely in Ternopol (family of musicians that formed the well known
Wolfsthal Kapelle ensemble), Lwow (as documented in the Maksymilian
Wolfsthal memoirs viewable at the USHMM) and Husiatyn (birthplace
of the part who came to Israel before the Shoah). Some gaps do exist
in the family tree, in particular about Yehoshua WOLFSTHAL who
moved out of the region. I've exhausted sources and hope this group
can help shed light on him.

The information I've gathered indicates that Yehushua was the
Headmaster of the Jewish Gymnasium in Wolkowisk before WW2, and
in 1935 he married a teacher who worked in that school (Czarna Nusia,
also listed in YvS). Their marriage took place at the house of the
bride's relatives in Katowice.

My challenge is identifying Yehushua WOLFSTHAL's parents, birth
date & place. I believe that would help resolve his ties to the larger
family in Galicia.

I am looking for advice/assistance in (1) direct information on
Yehoshua's info (parents/date/place, and/or (2) pointers to archives
where I may search for un-indexed information about him.

Thanks for any information/advice.

Prof. Yaron Wolfsthal
Beer Sheva, Israel

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