Re: Marriage license needed: Brooklyn, 1926 #records #usa


If you are on facebook join the  New York City Genealogy group.  Its a fabulous group.  You then have two options.  1)  if you have a FHC close to you then look for instructions in the announcements on how to access the wifi from your local FHC with your laptop and you can get the record yourself.  I want to say that FS has a glitch and Manhattan records don't show up in the search. The other option is to request a "parking lot angel"  to retrieve the record for you.  It usually takes a few days and there is no charge.  either way.... look for the announcements and the threads where you should post your request.   They post a new thread every few days for regular records and then a separate one for Manhattan records.   I have gotten many records over the last 9 months.   Good luck.

Katherine Block
Canton, GA

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