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Dubin, David M. MD

The Shach’s ancestry has been worked out brilliantly by Rabbi Rakov of London using a comment in a published letter and its connection to the Frankfurt am Main records recorded in Ettlinger’s Ele Toldot. 

The Shach’s mother was daughter of Nochum LOKWER (source unclear)
Father was Rabbi Meir, contributor to the book Chelkat Mechokek. His parents were Rabbi Moshe (died 1594) and Gela (died 1585). 

Gela was dtr of Majer (d 1559 son of Moshe BINGEN)
and Gutte (d 1552 dtr of Efraim?). 

Rabbi Moshe was son of Rajtse (d1574, dtr of Jakob) and Gompel (d 1560).  There’s more. Go to Ele Toldot available at the Leo Baeck institute website. 

good luck. 

david Dubin
teaneck, nj 

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