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The annotation "E.I. Reg 47062 11/21/41" translates to "Ellis Island Registry case 47062 connected to this passenger list record on Nov 21, 1941."

The annotation tells us something about this immigrant's path to citizenship, which was longer and more complicated than most.  When he tried to naturalize the passenger list record did not match the information he was providing later, so no certificate of arrival could be issued.  Without a certificate of arrival, he could not proceed to naturalization.

However, if he arrived prior to 1921 (later 1924), and was "not otherwise inadmissible," he could have a new arrival record created which could then be used as the basis for a certificate of arrival.  The procedure to create this new record (back-dated to the day he actually or probably physically arrived in the US) was called Registry.  They began to call it "Lawful Entry" proceedings in/after 1941, but the annotations often still say "Reg."

So this immigrant underwent Registry proceedings to clarify and document the discrepancies between his arrival record and his naturalization applications.  Those records will survive, but because it is unclear when exactly this immigrant naturalized (assuming he did), I have to point to two or three possible locations:

--If he naturalized prior to 4/1/1944, the Registry records should remain in his Registry File in the holdings of USCIS (request via their Genealogy Program  Do NOT request the file using the number in the annotation (the New York number), that is never the actual Registry File (Wash DC) number.
--If he naturalized after 3/31/1944 but before 4/1/1956, the Registry documents SHOULD be in his USCIS Certificate File (C-file), available also from USCIS Genealogy Program.
--If he did not naturalize until after 3/31/1956, the Registry documents should have been moved into an A-file.

Note I use the word "should," because the old Registry File often did not get "moved up" to a different file upon naturalization.  If it is not in the C-file (or later A-file), then the records remain in the old Registry File set.  It is so unfortunate to have to try to navigate all this confusion when every step in the process of elimination costs another $65 in USCIS Genealogy fees :-(

Marian Smith

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