Re: Charmatz family from Lithuania #lithuania

Robert Weinberg

I thought I'd sent this message earlier. 

Ilse Ikenberg moved 24 Apr 1922 as student to Paderborn, worked as saleslady there,

 and returned to Altenbeken 5 Sep 1924. She moved  31 Dec 1936 to Solingen, then to jobs in

various towns, returned 30 Apr 1939 to Altenbeken  and was deported 10 Dec 1941 via

Bielefeld to Riga, survived, met Codek Charmacz in Bergen-Belsen and married Codek/Charles

Charmacz/Charmatz, born 4 Jun 1910; in Vilna, Lithuania.  They emigrated with daughter Minna-Sara to the

U.S. arriving 16 Oct 1949 in New York;  they lived in New Haven, CT later in Brooklyn, NY.

He died in Brooklyn 1 Jul 1984; Elsa/Else Charmatz died 1 Apr 1984 in Brooklyn.

Best wishes, Bob Weinberg weinberg@...

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