Seeking MORRIS relatives #usa #general


I've been amazed by the assistance participants in this group have been able to provide, and hope I can invoke it.  I am looking for two half-siblings of my grandfather:
1) Edward "Eddie" MORRIS, born in Boston Sep. 15, 1889, to Jakub MORRIS and Anna/Annie SCHWARTZ.  I have a 1908 address for him at 11 Hutchings St., Roxbury, MA, but thereafter, nothing.  My uncle believed he was a dancer of some sort, but he had never actually met him.
2) Irene R. MORRIS, probably born in Boston c. 1892, same parents.  The "probably" is due to a divorce between the parents around the time of her birth.  If not born in Boston, New York is a possibility.  The last information I have for her was that she was living with her sister Frances/Fannie WHITE in 1920; she doesn't appear to have been listed in the 1930 census, and may have been married by that time.
Any suggestions?

If their descendants are reading this, I would love to hear from them.  
Yale Zussman
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