Re: Viewmate request - meaning of annotation on manifest in name column - not the Certificate of arrival annotation - ROCHKES, KRAWCZYK #records



Thank you for your very helpful reply.

Based on his year of naturalization (1945), your suggestion is to obtain his file by requesting his “USCIS Certificate File (C-file), available also from USCIS Genealogy Program.

What reference number should I use in the request?
I have copies of his Petition, Declaration, CA , naturalization certificate along with all the corresponding numbers.

I also have a copy of the naturalization index card which has nothing in the “Alien Registration No. blank” but does have an A.R.# typed in below.

Do you know if there is typically additional information in the C file besides the main forms?

Arrival in 1912, naturalization 1945

Annotation on manifest for CA is 1939.

Certificate of Arrival – actually a Certificate of Registry (stamped on his CA)– Form N-225 – 18  Sep 1942

Declaration – 25 Oct 1942

Naturalization certificate issued – 20 Nov 1945

Thank you
Bobbi Kraftchick Hoyt

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