Where to find 19th-century records from East Prussian Memelland, now Klaipeda province of Lithuania; re: my SINGER family #germany #lithuania


Hello, everyone!
According to family history, my SINGER ancestors originated in East Prussia and migrated to Lithuania ca. 1838. As the Memelland district of East Prussia (now Klaipeda, Lithuania) was directly across the border from Lithuania, my thought is that they moved from Memelland, specifically. This hypothesis was reinforced when I found a record of My gg-grandfather Shimon/Shimel Singer living in Kretinga (Crottingen in German; it's 20 km from Palanga) ca. 1860--Kretinga/Crottingen is a district that spans the Memmeland and Lithuanian borders (it seemed to be, at the time, a town in Lithuania and more of a woodland and/or rural area in Memelland). I've been trying to find German/East Prussian records for my Singer forebears from 19th-century Memelland for decades, to no avail. Any insights and/or guidance would be appreciated enormously. My gg-grandfather Shimon/Shimel and his brother, Girsh/Hirsh, were born in the 1820s, presumably in Memelland; I believe their father's name was Azrael. In Lithuania, the Singers lived in Pusalotas, Naujamiestis Panevezys, and Luoke. 
With many thanks for your attention and consideration,
Matt Singer

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