Re: A Request for someone who has the book: "Eliyahu's Branches: The Descendants of the Vilna Gaon (Of Blessed and Saintly Memory)" #lithuania



I can not help you, but I'm also interested in your research. As Yoav Aran, I'm wandering how and if my grandfather was related to him.
My grandfather ( Ilia , Eljias Ber Lewi (1908-1997) son of Ida Levinsohn (About 1870-1942) came from Vilna, and several names are related to the Vilna Gaon, even if I do know more.
As Yoav Aron, (Thank you very very much for your publication, I'm very grateful !!) if someone could please send me a picture of the pages from the book that describe my family's relation to the Gaon. If there is a family tree that traces back their lineage to him--that would be greatly appreciated
Here are the name...
Levinsohn Ida 470
And Levinson Eliyahu Ber 475 478
Levinson Yitskhak 470 and Yitskhak Eisik 475 476 478
If someone answers to you, I'm also interested...
Thank you very much
Leila Ferault Levy (Paris)

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