Re: Where to find 19th-century records from East Prussian Memelland, now Klaipeda province of Lithuania; re: my SINGER family #germany #lithuania

Russ Maurer

Civil registration began in East Prussia (including Memelland) in late 1874. The books include some delayed registrations from earlier years, but very few. All the civil registration books from the 19th C have been indexed and are included in the All-Lithuania database. I am not aware of any earlier vital records for Jews in Memelland (e.g., a parish record), and I believe very few Jews had legal residence there in that time frame. Ruth Leiserowitz is definitely the person to ask. Check out her website, or her facebook group, also called jewsineastprussia.

Russ Maurer, Klaipeda district coordinator, LitvakSIG

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