Re: DNA matches with descendants of enslaved African Americans. #usa #general

Brad Fanta

Thank you, Erika.  These are great ideas, particularly about contacting African American genealogical associations and discussion groups.


I realize that the vast majority of JewishGen readers on this listserv do not have southern antebellum ancestors, so I have thought about contacting various southern Jewish Genealogical societies directly to see if they have addressed this topic. In fact, researching former slaves and finding their descendants has its own set of research challenges. Perhaps this is an opportunity to organize a talk at select JGS chapters. Teaching others how to look for these connections would be helpful.


Another possibility which would include many more people, such as your mother’s line, is to do genealogies of the people who worked and lived in our ancestors homes. Understanding their backgrounds and the caste system that everyone had/has to negotiate in, has deep ramifications for understanding our present. 

As you can see, I'm still in the early stages of thinking through this topic.  I see it as a moral and civic responsibility. 

Thank you again for your support and suggestions.

Brad Fanta
Austin, Texas


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