Seeking families with paintings of relatives by Chicago artist Isador Langhaus (1910-1950) #usa


Good morning,

I recently discovered that my paternal great-grandmother?s
Romanian-born nephew?Isador Langhaus?was an artist by profession. See
1940 US census attached.

He painted a portrait of his father Jacob Langhaus (also attached)?my
great-grandmother?s brother. I am assuming Isador Langhaus painted
many other people?s relatives in the Chicago area from about

I am asking if anyone else has a portrait by Isador Langhaus to please
let me know so I can create a virtual exhibition of his work, perhaps
through JewishGen. Please check the artist signature on any family
paintings you may have. He seems to me to be quite a fine artist who
deserves some recognition after all these years.

Mel Solman


Langhaus, Vineberg, Salmanovitz, Zalmanovitz, Holdengraber,
Kruk/Cooke/Kirk, Wigdor, Sobiloff, Sobelevski, Goldenberg, Zatkovetski

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