Re: marriage record for Heinrich GOLDNER from Militärseelsorge, Vienna, Austria #austria-czech #general

Andreas Schwab

According to, Heinrich and Risa had two children: Lucie, b. 21 Jan 1918, Peter Herbert, b. 17 Nov 1920. The couple was Jewish since the births of the children are recorded at the Jewish registries at the Vienna Kehillah. The originals are held at the Archives of the Vienna Kehillah:
The archives can only do limited searches.
Scans of the record are held at FamilySearch and can be consulted at a family history center or an affiliate library. Familysearch has not indexed these records, only Genteam.
Regarding the marriage, pastoral services at the Austro-Hugarian Army included rabbinical services. The marriage is also recorded at the Kehillah in addition to Pastoral Services.
In any case, it would be wise to request the Vienna residents registration card at:
You can request the record online, but it will be sent to you within two months, cost: EUR35 to EUR140.
You should ask for the record of Heinrich Goldner as the head of household, records are per household.
Andreas Schwab, Montreal, Canada

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