Wrong people on family trees on genealogy sites #general


I don't know if this discussion is allowed here, but I'll try anyway.

I have been checking for updates and new searches on Ancestry & MyHeritage.  I have found some trees that have members of my family on them.  But given the other information on the trees, they don't seem to actually be connected to my family or the information on the tree is most incorrect.  In one instance, I think my whole family was pulled into that tree although the "connecting" person was the wrong person (similar name).  

I have tried to contact the owners of the trees to get more information, but have not gotten responses to every query.  In one case I did get a response and the "owner" did not acknowledge that her information was incorrect nor provide any proof that it was correct.  Other people have asked for corrections and more information.

Do I understand that this information is impossible to have removed unless the owner of the tree does it?  I find it very upsetting that

a) incorrect information is out there and b) that people who have been dead for under 30 years are still listed and that information could be used for identify theft of the descendants. 


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