Re: Wrong people on family trees on genealogy sites #general

Peter Lowe

Geni  has the big advantage over Ancestry or MyHeritage  for Jewish families, in being accessible  to anyone, and potentially being corrected and added to by any other user, and certainly by a Curator (which I am). 

It also retains history of changes, which is invaluable for sorting out errors, and ensuring a high level of accuracy.  A great benefit is that corrections can be made without being the owner/creator of a particular profile, so that even if the original creator is no longer living, or a member of Geni, profiles can be corrected or added to. 

Marcel, if you can give me the link to the profile of "a woman died at the age of 20 and had a son 30 years later.", I can see if I can correct it.

Peter Lowe

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