Re: Wrong people on family trees on genealogy sites #general

Alan Ehrlich

Randy wrote: "There is so much misinformation about Geni from people who don’t really use it. The critic Alan Ehrlich, for example, has added just 34 profiles..."

It's my sincere 'hope' that Randy's incorrect statement above is solely because he was misinformed. However, since he so often unflinchingly disses anybody who's critical in any manner about Geni, well I don't know... Anyway, for information, allow me to set the record straight:

Even before Geni's official launch, while Geni still was in beta test mode, I uploaded an initial gedcom file which by then documented circa 3'000 ancestors and relatives... plus further updated that on several occasions during the following year and months. Oh yes, since then my family database gradually grew to include 20'000+ persons... which many of you know first hand as I've always been eager to share with others all the information it contains.

Perhaps 'food-for-thought' on Geni's behalf, rather than reflexively responding 'ad hominem', perhaps offer remedies to the serious short-comings we are pointing out.

Kind regards,
Alan Ehrlich
Geneva, Switzerland

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