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I just received my great-granduncle's naturalization records. They indicate he immigrated through the port of Hoboken on 12 Sep 1898 on the ship Frederick der Grosse. I've never heard of immigrating through this port, 

Hoboken NJ is part of the port complex of New York in the eyes of the immigration folks and the passenger lists are in the NYC records. Immigrants would still go through Ellis Island or the Barge office depending on time or processed on the dock when they were traveling in the higher classes of the ship. Ships going to New York and New Jersey all came through the same route called The Narrows and they would stop at the the immigration point for clearances.

Hoboken is on the west side of the Hudson River so the ship made a left coming north on the river instead of turning right to Manhattan or Brooklyn.

The German shipping companies used the docks in Hoboken and Brooklyn for many years and Holland-America Line went to Hoboken till the 1960s. (If you ever see the movie On the Waterfront, that is the Hoboken docks and a Holland America liner from the 1950s is in some of the scenes.)

Allan Jordan
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