Re: Wrong people on family trees on genealogy sites #general

Odeda Zlotnick

 this is why you never copy from someone else! Often these people just seem to want to brag about how many people are in their tree. One person posts unverified data in their tree and 100 others copy these mistakes into their trees and the mistake snowballs. Don't be one of those people.

We should all try to distinguish between:
  1. "My tree" - the tree which I trust, edit and share  with people whom I choose to share with.
  2. "Public Tree": A tree out there on an internet site.
  3. "Collaborated tree" A tree on which I collaborate only with people trust and those who trust me

We should also realize the the sites offering "Smart Matches" and "Links" are dangling baits for users to cough up and pay subscripion money.  One should never ever accept them blindly. Sometime, they add great info. Sometimes they don't - buyer beware.

I have had even Geni curators merge profiles and mess up the tree I consider my public tree - and I have had them correct the mess when I sent them documentation.

I have had "merge" requests on Geni, that I simply ignore - and I have had disagreements with collaborators, which we agreed to leave as documented comments concerning that person or name.

As noted by Pieter Hoekstra: Some people honestly think and feel that the larger their tree, the better things are. Others value validity.  Those of us who value validity can't fight / or try convince those who believe in "this is a public party and the more the merrier". We can and should tend our garden to the best of our ability - 

And always remember the following comic:
xkcd: Duty Calls
Duty Calls

Odeda Zlotnick 
Jerusalem, Israel.

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