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Marjorie Geiser

Hi JewishGeners,

Ready for some new tips, strategies or resources to help break through to the next level with your family research?

No matter what level researcher you are, there are times we can all benefit from talking with others about our biggest brick walls. It’s not uncommon to have that ONE question you just can’t resolve.

Do any of these sound like you?

·         * You’ve searched on JewishGen, Ancestry and FamilySearch, etc., over and over and over again, but STILL can’t find your great-grandmother in the old country.

·         * You’ve found yourself, more often than you care to admit, researching naturalization papers for your grand-uncle, only to realize you ALREADY searched those same records last week. AGAIN!

·         * You just got started, but wonder how to navigate the wealth of resources that are out there. It all feels SO overwhelming!

JewishGen Virtual Conversations provide helpful suggestion, strategies, resources and support with your research goal. These private sessions are designed to empower you to find the answers you’re looking for.

Just $36 for a 45-minute Zoom session. To learn more, or to complete the questionnaire to get started, click this link;

Margie Geiser

JewishGen Virtual Conversation


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