Kitchener Camps Sandwich #unitedkingdom


I am researching my wife's family background.  Her father, together with his brother were part of the 4000 or so young men sent to a Kitchener Camp in Sandwich, Kent, UK in 1939 as part of an agreement between the UK Government and the Nazi regime (AFAIK).
The rest of her father's family, mother, father, younger brother were all murdered in a concentration camp near Minsk in 1942.

What I am trying to do is find out the brother's pathway from arrest (presumably) and onward journey to the UK.   I have searched every database that I can find and there's no sign of:

Franz Oscar Mandl, born 19th May 1913,
Wilhelm Mandl, born 28 April 1908,  

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards
Richard Holder

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