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As I have mentioned, it is often impossible to confirm definitively if the data/assumptions are correct. Sometimes one needs a lead to pursue. I am probably one of these people who review/copy data believing it to be true based on info. to date but add “?” . I would hope anyone who knows the info. is questionable would contact me but I have never heard to this effect.
Karen Saunders
Melbourne, Australia
(Researching: Frank, Wallerstein, Stern, Horowitz, Davidoff, Tiktin)

On Sat, 24 Apr 2021 at 10:23, Linda Higgins via <> wrote:
On several genealogy websites there are people who have my parents, myself and my brother in their family tree.  I have tried to make contact.  Most did not reply.  They see a name they are looking for and don't don anyinvestigation whatsoever.  They assume it's the person they are looking for and add them to their tree.  A few who responded to me said they had no idea how that information got into their family trees.  If  they made the tree, they  added the information.  It is absolutely imperative that you know for sure you have the right person before you add them.

Linda Gordon Higgins
Spring, TX

Hello. I would like to join to research info about my 4 x g grandfather Abraham ben Gedaliah Tiktin 1764 - 1820. With thx.

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