Re: DNA matches with descendants of enslaved African Americans. #usa #general

Judith Elam

Hi Brad

I do not have southern USA relatives.  BUT, my 5th great-grandmother, who lived and died in Spandau (now part of Berlin), was married twice. Her name was Lane. I descend from the first husband, Joachim Aron.  Her second husband was Joseph Abraham of Spandau.  Lane and Joseph Abraham had at least 3 more children. One of their grandsons ended up in Jamaica.  He was born in Spandau in 1799 and died in Jamaica.  He went to Jamaica and changed his name from Raphael Levin to Rudolph Lewis.  Rudolph Lewis has hundreds of descendants, all born in Jamaica, although some died in Canada. A good many of them were slave owners.  Here is a record on Ancestry showing slave ownership:  I also found many records on  

Not sure if the above is of interest to you, but apparently the Lewis family of Manchester, Jamaica, is pretty well known.

So I am related to the Lewis family of Jamaica.  

Judith Elam
Kihei, HI

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