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Hi Bobbi,

Maybe I can put this another way:

Everything USCIS has on this immigrant SHOULD be in the Certificate File (C-file).  So you request that by C-file number, which is the certificate number.  That number usually appears in the upper right of a 1940's naturalization index card.  I see Isidore KRAFTCHICK's C-number is C-6609278 (you have to add the "C" to the front of the number.

Unfortunately, as I noted simply as a warning, sometimes one finds the INS clerks back then did not always follow all the rules for files consolidation. They SHOULD have 1) opened an A-file in 1944 to hold all his existing naturalization application paperwork, 2) pulled the prior Registry File and filed it inside the A-file, and finally 3) upon his naturalization in 1945, converted the A-file (including the Registry File) into a C-file, and sent the C-file to storage.  That's why all the files and content SHOULD be in his C-file.

Instead, occasionally we find such a C-file does not include the Registry File.  In that case one must go back and retrieve the original Registry File from the set of Registry Files in storage.  For a genealogist, that means another $65 (or $130, since one probably has to request a search first too).  

In other cases we also see they failed to even consolidate the A-file that may have been created.  This situation comes up in some cases of naturalization between 1944 and 1950.  IF an A-file exists separately, that's another $65 (because you already have the A-number, you wouldn't need to request a search).

Again, one would first request the C-file to see what is inside.  If it includes the Registry---great!  If it includes A-file material (docs and correspondence beyond the declaration, petition, certificate)--great!  At that point one would be done.  If not, the search continues.  Every case is "case by case."  I cannot tell you exactly what will happen in yours.  Chances are good you would get everything in one request for the C-file.

Good luck!

Marian Smith

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