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Yes.   Based on the marriage entry for Recha (Rosel) LANDAU and R. Salomon TIKTIN, indexed by the good works of the Czestochowa-Radom Area Research Group (CRAGR), Recha's parents were Wolff LANDAU and Estera HERSZLIKOW.  (And Estera seems to be the same person as Ester LANDAU geb. ZYNGIEROW who died on 19 January 1823 (age: 61), widow of Wolf LANDAU (and her father was presumably Hersz ZYNGIER).)

Wolff seems to have had a brother name Moysesz (Mosche) LANDAU, but I have not been able to identify his (their) father.

Wolff was born ca.1749, based on his stated age (62) at his death on 24 November 1811 (but the ages of people was notoriously inaccurate before modern times).   (Again, thanks to CRAGR database,)

I have not managed to learn where Wolff LANDAU fits into the LANDAU firmament.

All the best,
Stephen Falk
Point Roberts, WA, USA

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