Correction to: Searching Israeli Descendants of Sara and Zvi OREN (nee Herman ZWIEBACK): daughters Michael and Dorit, Tel Aviv, Israel #galicia

Connie Malone

Zvi's Oren's daughter's name is Michal. An error in spelling her name.

Connie Malone
La Mesa, San Diego, California

Stanislawow-Frankivisk, Poland (Ukraine); Vienna, Austria; Berhomet,
Romania; Tel-Aviv and Haifa, Israel; USA.

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I am searching for two of my maternal first cousins, sisters Michael and
Dorit OREN in or near Tel Aviv, Israel. Any help or suggestions would
certainly be appreciated. I have tried to do the research by joining the
Israel Genealogy Research Assn (IGRA) but have been unsuccessful,
either for lack of knowing the Hebrew language or the "how to's" of the
various Israeli on-line links.

Herman ZWIEBACK/ZWIEBACH, born Josef Hirsch ZVIBACH, 18 Jul 1912,
Kuty, Kosow, Stanislawow, Poland (currently Ukraine) to Abraham and
Henny GRAU. In 1914, during World War 1 the family lived in Vienna.
Herman emigrated as a "Pioneer" to Israel in the early 1930s. There, he
married Sara, Palestine born. Their three daughters: Michael, born 1943,
Dorit, born1946, and Tami, born 1949.

Herman and Sarah adopted new names, as Zvi and Sarah OREN. I believe
this probably occurred shortly after Palestine became the State of Israel.

The last known address for Uncle Zvi and his family was: ** Rechov
Metodila, Shikun Dan, Tel Aviv. Uncle Zvi passed away sometime around
1980 or so. Shortly after Zvi died, our families (his sisters, Rose and my
mother Zita) lost contact with his family.

Michael married and has one daughter that I know of. I do not know
Michael's married surname. Dorit married and has three children that I
know of. I do not know her married name either. Although I located Uncle
Zvi's youngest daughter, Tami, now living in Los Angeles, she never
responded to my written inquiry nor returned my phone call.

Any assistance or suggestions are appreciated to locate Michael and
Dorit, or their descendants.

Please respond privately.

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