Re: Immigration via Hoboken? #usa


Thanks to everyone who responded. It makes a lot more sense knowing the ship would have gone through Ellis Island. Unfortunately, as Janette points out, the ship did not dock in NY at any time in the month of September 1898. The information my ancestor (Abraham Winokur) provided is obviously unreliable, as Joel noted would be likely. I did browse through the manifest for the ship's Aug 23 1898 landing, page by page, and did not find his name. I cannot find it on any indexed list, either (including the one David suggested). It may be a very tedious process of browsing through all the ship's landings from that year and 1899. (Why only those two years? His son Hyman was allegedly born in Russia in August 1898, and I know Abraham is in the US by 1900 (appears on the census and reports year of immigration as 1898). I doubt he would have traveled first or second class, though. 

Laurie Budgar
Longmont, CO, USA

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