BRADY: Is "Bohm Leipach" Bohmisch-Leipa, Bohemia, Austria - now Česká Lípa, Czech Republic #austria-czech #germany #general

Hilary Osofsky

I would appreciate some help in identifying the town of origin of my son-in-law's BRADY family. According to family records, his third great-grandmother, Betty BRADY de BEER, was born in Ritzebüttel, Germany, c. 1817. However, her father, Isaac BRADY, born c. 1776,  and his father, had both been born in "Bohm Leipach."  Could "Bohm Leipach" be Bohmisch-Leipa, Bohemia, Austrian Empire - now Česká Lípa, Czech Republic?

Thanks very much.

Hilary Osofsky
Orinda, CA

de BEER / BEHR, Amsterdam > Wiegboldsbur, Aurich, Emden, Germany
BRADY: Ritzebuttel, Germany, "Bohm Leipach" 
PELS, HARTOG: Wiegboldsbur
MOSES: Emden 
AHRON: Ritzebuttel

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