Re: What was the purpose of this document issued in Czarist Russia? #russia

David Harrison

Just a guess.  Maybe these documents were needed to prove that the person was neither a serf who should have been returned to their owner or a soldier who was AWOL (Absent without leave) and the person was of good repute to have such a document, but was in fact saying goodbye to relations and making their way to leave Russia by hopping over the border.  I suspect that some sort of document was needed for a Russian to visit (or go to live with a spouse) on Internal exile in Eastern Siberia.  I would have thought that people, such as my grandfather, would have ditched such a document in case it was used to return him to Russia from Germany. He was very suspicious of Police for most of the rest of his life in Germany, France and England and none of his addresses before he setup in London has so far proved to be correct.
David Harrison
London, England


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