Re: What was the purpose of this document issued in Czarist Russia? #russia

Phil Goldfarb

Actually the Russian Internal Passports began in the early 18th Century by Peter the Great issued to control migration in the country. It was abandoned after the October 1917 Russian Revolution. There are also the Lithuania Internal Passports issued between 1919-1940 and the Latvia Internal Passports issued between 1919-1941. If you are attending the 2021 IAJGS Conference virtually, I am presenting a program titled: Passports: The History of Passports, Passport Applications, Russian/Lithuania/Latvia Internal Passports and the Nansen Passports for Refugees which you might find of interest. I also discuss passports and passport applications in the U.S. and show a few funny & unusual ones! Finally, the very first "passport" was issued to a Jewish official-Nehemiah back in 450 B.C.E by King Artaxerxes I of Persia for travel to Judea!
Phil Goldfarb
President JGS of Tulsa

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