Re: Kolomea, Galicia, birth record, translation? #galicia #ukraine #translation

Frank Szmulowicz

Caveat: Cursive letters are not easy to read, but here is my best attempt at deciphering the text.
Josef Dawid

private office worker                   (urzędnik is a catch all category that encompasses an official, officer, etc. but in general is someone who works in an office)
from Nadwórnia, married
married in Ra(??enek?) in Bukovina
on June 22, 1899

page 2
married in Nadwórnia
daughter of Eisig? Greier
and Golda
nee Helfer
from Kolomyja

Second column
Leon. (Z?)iegter
? from Kolomyja

signature in Yidish
hand sign 

Eisiga Greier
in Kolomyja
the signatory and witness
Moses ?

Frank Szmulowicz

P. S. I hope this will give you some idea about this document. I am not used to such fancy calligraphy. Hopefully, someone will fill in what to me appears illegible.

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