Photographer L. Epstein, Minsk #belarus #photographs


I have a photograph of my maternal great grandparents, Dov Ber Sossinsky and Chaya Malka Ekstein, taken some between 1901 and 1911 by photographer L. Epstein. As well I have separate large portraits of them made from that photograph created by the Solar Enlarger technique, then in vogue.
Could anyone help me with more information on L. Epstein and what such a photographer might charge.

On the back of the picture of the couple is printed in Russian:
“Gifted by the Highest Award by His Imperial Majesty, the photographer L. Epstein 1901
Minsk region
Gubernatorskaya St
The House of Erokhov
Awarded the Golden Medal at the Exhibition of 1901. Photo negatives are kept.”

Heather Shapero
Toronto, Canada
Sossinsky- Dolginovo
Margolis- Lithuania
Frankel- Drildge

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