Re: Preferred naming conventions/approaches for family trees #general #records

Sally Bruckheimer

Women's name change with marriage, so generally the norm is to record a woman by her maiden name. Every online genealogy program, EXCEPT Geni, follows this. Since women often married 3 or 4 times in Europe (men too, but they didn't change their surname), I don't know how Geni handles that.

Spelling varied too. Schwartz and Szwarc are the same name - the Soundex systems try to account for this, but you can use wild cards and  'Starts with' option.
Vowels varied often, as immigrants changed their name's spelling to a different alphabet (Yiddish or Russian to English), so Birzon and Berzon are cousins.

Online searches can be easier, if you edit the surname to the one you want: if you want to find out what happened after she was married, used her married name in a search; if you want to find her as a girl with her parents use her maiden name.

The more you search, the more 'helps' you will discover.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

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