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Max Heffler

Geni has a maiden name field and the name shows up in parentheses. There is an “also known as” field and all variants in the maiden name and AKA field are found in searches. I normally use the surname field as the final name used, frequently on headstones.


Max Heffler

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Women's name change with marriage, so generally the norm is to record a woman by her maiden name. Every online genealogy program, EXCEPT Geni, follows this. Since women often married 3 or 4 times in Europe (men too, but they didn't change their surname), I don't know how Geni handles that.

Spelling varied too. Schwartz and Szwarc are the same name - the Soundex systems try to account for this, but you can use wild cards and  'Starts with' option.
Vowels varied often, as immigrants changed their name's spelling to a different alphabet (Yiddish or Russian to English), so Birzon and Berzon are cousins.

Online searches can be easier, if you edit the surname to the one you want: if you want to find out what happened after she was married, used her married name in a search; if you want to find her as a girl with her parents use her maiden name.

The more you search, the more 'helps' you will discover.

Sally Bruckheimer
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Max Heffler
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