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Michael Herzlich

For Q2: How do you deal with name changes and alternate/variant spellings in family trees?
For both Family Tree Maker and Ancestry you can specify more than one name.  You just "add fact"-Name then either specify which one is "preferred" or default to let it remain with the previous preferred name.

There is also another Fact you can add for both, "Also Known As".  I like to use this for Family Tree Maker as this name is listed in the Names Index on the left part of the screen making it easy to visually see both the Preferred Name and the AKA Name.  Alternate names do not show up in the index. 

If you do not see AKA in the main view of Family Tree Maker, open Options, select the Names/Dates/Places tab and add the check mark to "Use AKA if available as an additional entry"  You can then use the "Customize View" button on the the bottom right of the main screen to organize where AKA is displayed.

In Ancestry the Alternate names are not displayed unless you expand the names field.
In Ancestry the AKA name is displayed towards the bottom of the Facts Tab.
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