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sharon yampell

I have found numerous variations of certain last names that run through my tree.  What I do, even for those so far back who really did not have last names, I put what I knew was the original last name once someone had one and then put each descendant with the version they chose to use…


For example, if the oldest ancestor is your ?x great grandfather, then he would be ?x great grandfather Schwartz but if later descendants use Schwarz or Shwartz, then I put those as their last name…I put the original last name for the oldest family member for consistency and to so those looking at my tree, will know where the variations may have originated.


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Never mind marriages!  In my family tree I have name changes by adoption.  But never mind them, either; I also have court-approved gender changes in my family tree (judges are not necessarily biologists, and do not necessarily conform to biological laws).
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