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Dr. Ruth Leiserowitz

At the turn of the century in Minsk there were a number of good photo studios where Jewish photographers worked. To illustrate this, I will list them here:
Neifakh Nissom (since1872), Moses Mordukhanovich Onefater (since 1873); Moses Wolfowitz Strashuner (1888-1902), Samuel Rozovsky (since 1895), Grigory Abramovich Miransky together with Abram Levinman in 1896; Moisey Zelmanovich Nappelbaum (1896-1910, moved to Moscow), Mendel Wolfowitz Shur ( since 1899),
Iosel Mendelev Bernstein(1900), Israel Metor (1901); Brothers Elia and Yankel Berman (1903)
About Lev or Leiba Epstein I found the following information (in:

The photographer Epstein Lev (Leiba) Meerov worked on Gubernatorskaya Street, in the Erokhov house opposite the City Council, located in a two-story house at the intersection with Yuryevskaya Street. The beginning of his work, judging by permission, is dated 1895. He received the famous certificate No. 4611/28 in 1901. Epstein was a member of the famous Vitebsk photographic circle. He was awarded the gold medal at an exhibition in 1903 for his work. [that is obviously a mistake, should be 1901 - RL] His ad is found in the newspaper "The Minsk Courier" for 1919, in which there is an invitation to visit the studio at 10 Gubernatorskaia Street. On this basis, we can conclude that his work lasted for a considerable period
I think there was quite a bit of competition and prices didn't differ much for that reason. However, I also have no idea what a photo session cost. That is not noted in any advertisement.

Ruth Leiserowitz
Berlin / Warsaw

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