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The registration location, referenced in the document is Svir in Sventsyany uezd Vilno governorate.
Svir doesn't have an English language Wikipedia page, but you can get automatic translation for this page from Russian with Chrome or similar browser or through Google Translate:Свирь_(Минская_область)
Svir is about 50 miles East of Vilnius, just across the border in Belarus, in the Minsk oblast

Sventsyany is now known as Švenčionys in Lithuania (Švenčionys)
Vilno (modern name is Vilnius) is the capital of Lithuania.

Technically, the name of the person is actually Mihel, not Michael.  "Shmilevich" part is a patronymic, meaning Mihel's father's name was Shmil Kaplan.

Mike Vayser

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