Translations (Viewmate) from Russian, please #translation

David Gordon

I am re-posting two images and seeking a translation of the Russian text—if possible.  Thanks to my earlier responders who provided valuable information, but I am wondering if someone else might be able to read the text well enough (the originals are a bit fuzzy) to provide translations.  Based on earlier responses, the pages are the front and back of a document certifying the birth of my grandfather, Gershon Gurevich. He was born in Lapichi in Belarus 1887.  The back seems to be much clearer than the front. I would be most grateful for any translated information that can be gotten from this document. 
Many thanks. 
The documents are at and  The second linked document seems to be much clearer.
Please respond using the online ViewMate form.
Thank you so much for any assistance,
David Gordon
Chicago, IL
tiganeasca /at/

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