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Krzysztof Witaszek

Did the Polish cavalry actually ride horses?
Of course yes.  But the tactic was that the horses served as the means of the transportation of the soldiers. Before the fighting one lancer was taking horses of two others  and  was moving away to safety.  This soldier  had to poses the capability of riding with three horses at the time. Some tried even with four horses but it was difficult.
Fighting on horses (cavalry charge) was rather  rare  in 1939, it happened couple of times, sometimes with succes.
Of course the picture of the Polish cavalry attacking German tanks with sabres was a myth created by the German propaganda.
Every lancer was armed with a standard rifle and a sabre. 
Cavalry was  liked very much by the public.  In the peace time it organized  parades that showed the skills of its men.
One of the stanzas of the popular song from that time went like this:
There is no such cottage, no such outhouse
where a lancer would not be loved by a Jewish women.
(Nie ma takiej chatki ani przybudówki
gdzie by nie kochały ułana Żydówki)
Of course I don't know if it was a true :)
On the uniform  maybe you can find the number of the regiment and  the lancer's rank.
I wonder if anyone on the Jewish side  remembers  Berek Joselewicz?
Krzysztof Witaszek

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