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S. Silberg

My grandfather was born in Grodno when it was still part of the Russian Empire. His parents were Moishe and Brina KUJANSKY.


My grandmother, in an oral testimony, told us;

“Moishe was very wealthy and he got a certificate called a "Pervia Gilda" which permitted him to travel all over Russia. Usually not given to a Jew, but he got it because he was wealthy”.


I asked a friend who is fluent in Russian what Pervia Glilda means and her response was:


Pervia Gilda- is something like a first priority.


Pervia - is one. Gildia - is a group


I wondered whether anyone in the group as heard about this document. Even in her old age my grandmother was very clear on the name of the document so it was probably not a traditional passport/internal passport.


Thanks in anticipation.

Sheryl Silberg

Florida, USA


Researching: Kujansky, Grodno; Meirowitz, Seduva: Zack, Ponevezh: Gordon, Birzai: Zilberg, Vabalninkas.

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