Seeking information on Hanoch HALICZER (originally from Jagielnica, near Czortkow) #galicia

Douglas Hykle <dhykle@...>

Hanoch HALICZER, born around 1922 or 1923, reportedly served as a member
of the Ordnungsdienst (Jewish police) in Jagielnica around 1942-43. Evidently,
he also spent time in a work camp at Ulaszkowce. As he spoke good German,
he was the liaison between the farmers, supervisors, and the German director
of the camp.

In January 1944, thanks to his good relations with the local population, he
secured a hiding place for a Jewish family (GUTSTEIN) with a Ukrainian
peasant near Ulaszkowce. Towards the time of liberation by Soviet troops
(March 1944), he returned to his hometown of Jagielnica, where he volunteered
to point out to the military authorities Ukrainians who had killed Jews and/or
had collaborated with the Germans. In the same period, he was also involved in
the rescue of Jews who had been hiding in a cave near the town of Ulaszkowce.
These individuals included Abraham MORGENSTERN.

Hanoch Haliczer was reported to still be alive, living in Czortkow (then part of
USSR, present-day Ukraine) in November 1969, and possibly even much later
than 1972. Apparently, at that time, he was living on Shkolnaja Street and he
served as an instructor in the volunteer fire brigade.

I would like to know if anyone reading this forum (or their older relatives) would
remember Hanoch Haliczer and have any information on what became of him.
For example, did he continue to live in Czortkow after 1972, did he have any
children, did he/they eventually resettle elsewhere etc. etc.

Douglas Hykle
Tovste, Ukraine

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