Jewish agricultural communities...Daukniunai, in Lithuania #lithuania

David Gordon

According to an 1879 birth record, my paternal great-grandfather was a “Farmer in the Daukniunai Jewish Agricultural Community.”  Two further birth records for the same year and one death record from 1880 show two other families with fathers reported to be farmers in the same community.  All three families, interestingly, came from the same shtetl, Butrimonys.  


And that’s where I hit a brick wall.  I have been able to find out nothing about this place.  I have a vague general notion of various Jewish agricultural communities in Russia (speaking generally) in the nineteenth century, but I cannot find a thing out about this one.  I’m a little surprised that there is such a complete absence of information.


Does anyone know anything about it or is anyone able to point me in a direction for me to dig further?  Thanks!


David Gordon

Chicago, Illinois

tiganeasca /at/ gmail dot com

GORDON, Butrimonys


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